Quarter Queens

Accountability + Growth Container

The hybrid membership-mastermind program

After working 1:1 with hundreds of business owners over the years on their business strategy, systems, tech, marketing and health of their business (and body!), I have found that all the theory and swipe files and strategy can be there on a platter but if there isn’t continued accountability and support,
things. just. don’t. happen.

And you can ask any of my previous clients, colleagues and coworkers, accountability is my superpower. I have a knack of taking big plans and projects, breaking them down into manageable, bite-sized chunks and clearing overwhelm so shit just gets done.

A one-of-a-kind accountability and growth container for small business owners

So how does it work?

Come into Quarter Queens with a project, goal or direction you want to pursue. 

We then run through the foundations, timelining, self, energetics, systems and actions needed to turn your vision into reality. It is a hands-on practical program, not a bunch of theories and strategies that’ll sit on a shelf, so the time spent doing your QQ work is also moving your business forward in a really practical manner.

Whilst you can join at any time and at any stage, each 90 days (each season) we reset and start my signature system again. Because it is run seasonally, I adjust the content to the individual energy that the new season brings.

This membership-style mastermind is for you if:

You feel like you are on a hampster wheel
You know what you’re currently doing or how you’re showing up isn’t sustainable
You’re not hitting your goals or targets
You feel like your project is not getting off the ground
You have an uplevel mentality (even if your confidence is low right now)
You feel burnt out and/or unproductive
You need accountability and some business besties!

$160 / month subscription

join anytime, leave anytime

My ethos in anything I do is
Self | Systems | Sustainability


How is it delivered?

When activating your Quarter Queen subscription, you gain immediate access to the online training platform. You will also be invited to join the exclusive Voxer group chat which is where all the accountability and cheerleading happens within the members. Across the program there are also group coaching sessions via Zoom so you can jump in hot-seat style and grab some guidance.

You mention Voxer; what on earth is this?

Voxer is a walkie-talkie-style voice chat app available on your smartphone (don’t worry, if you prefer not to talk, you can text instead). I will be jumping into the group Voxer chat daily so accountability, cheerleading and support is on-hand and consistent.

How long should I stay in the program?

Ideally, for a minimum of 3 months to gain the full cycle of the Quarter Queens journey. Once your first 3 months are up, you are welcome to stay in the program and apply it to new goals, projects and directions!

If I miss the beginning, can I still join?

Of course! The entire Quarter Queens journey trainings are available at any time to work through at your pace, and the Voxer group chat is there for accountability and support wherever you are up to.

This is great, but what if I need more support?

There is opportunity for my Queens to purchase private 1:1 sessions with me at any stage of the program.

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Quarter Queens

Got a question about the program? Ask away!

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