1:1 Coaching


Let’s Discover

Your most aligned business systems
Your most aligned schedule
Your most efficient way of working

Individualised structure is my superpower

No matter if you’ve just started your business or you’re making six figures a year, you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel with your business and also your life.

You’re craving some kind of structure or framework that works for YOU so you can show up and rinse and repeat.

1:1 coaching with me creates a container to:

  • Discover your superpowers when it comes to how you show up in business, which will cascade into your marketing, your messaging and attracting your most ideal clients
  • Create a blueprint of the most aligned systems, processes and procedures for the operations of your business
  • Understand your productivity and motivational cycles better, so that your schedule (both personal and business) has you in flow and not in the grind
  • Look at how the most important system – your BODY – is adapting to the stressors of running a business and empowering you to know how to truly look after and optimise it.

You ready?!

My genius zone is connecting personalities and soul traits with their most aligned systems and processes.

Our sessions include a mixture of:

  • Business systems mapping
  • Soul modes mentoring
  • Business coaching
  • Accountability and organisation
  • Business planning, scheduling, automation
  • Sleep, stress, fatigue and adrenal health advice (if needed)



4 months together to transform

Just like my individualised systems, our four months together can be tailored to what works for you and how you run your business…
Fortnightly sessions with Voxer support in between? Perfect.
Shorter weekly sessions so there’s consistent momentum? Let’s do it.
Bigger, intensive sessions every few weeks to deep dive into things because your schedule is crazy or there’s little humans to work around? Can do.


8 payments of $425 (fortnightly)
or $3300 in full

Here’s how you’ll know that this package is right for you…

You are feeling scattered with all the things you need to do or feel you like you should be doing.
You want to create white space in your schedule but have no idea how this could happen.
You are craving a framework that works for you, so that you can just rinse and repeat without having to waste time on decision fatigue.
You want some tangible operating procedures that you could simply hand to a VA to do.
You want to learn more about specific platforms that will make your business and life easier.
You know that motivation ebbs and flows but you want to be able to harness and optimise it for maximum productivity when it’s peaking.


I'm wondering about the time commitment...

This can be tailored to what works for you…
Weekly 20-30min check ins
Fortnightly 60-90min sessions
Intensive sessions (3-4 hours) every few weeks.

Between sessions you also have access to me via Voxer – a private voice messaging app where you can ask questions as you think of them or need some moral support on a bear mode day.

I want to do this but need a payment plan. What are my options?

Fortnightly or monthly payments are preferred but I’m more than happy to accomodate weekly payments if needed.

Does this mean I get you as a naturopath too?

If you need it, then yes! My clinical focus is adrenal health, stress, sleep and energy – usually what business owners need support with.
You are able to choose whether your sessions focus on health, business or a bit of both.
Please note that any functional/lab testing, herbs and supplements are not included in the cost of this package.

My systems are a mess, will you help me untangle it all?

Heck yeah!! I am passionate about figuring out the best systems for your strengths and the most efficient ways to implement them in your business. We will strategise what you actually need, create a plan of action and I’ll be there offering consistent guidance and training. Please note that the cost of this package does not include system/platform back-end set-ups UNLESS it is done within a weekly/fortnightly session.

Let’s level up

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