Specialising in stress, burnout + fatigue
of business owners + entrepreneurs

If you’re not full of vitality,
how can your business thrive too?

As small business owners we know that the true health of our business is a reflection of our own health.

​Energetically, we know that if we are feeling off/foggy/fatigued, not only are we not bringing our best selves to our business, but it can often have negative affect on our bottom line – whether this be profit, clients not rebooking, not having the energy for working on your business (rather than just in it).

And on the flip side, our own health can often take a nosedive if we are feeling stressed, anxious, sleep deprived, and working to the bone in our business.

I know – I’ve been there and back.

The most successful entrepreneurs are often the healthiest.

I know (from personal experience) that if you are operating at a less-than-optimal level, not only will your health/lifestyle/family be feelin’ those downgraded vibes, but your business will too.

As a qualified naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist, I can help you implement strategies that will help you thrive.
My goal is to have you feeling full of energy, sleeping soundly, and easily handling the stressors of both life and business because your body and brain is firing on all cylinders again.

Initial Consultation


Part data-collection session, part getting to know you…
Initial consults dig deep into your health goals, history, and what is currently going on for you.
Be prepared to be asked a ton of questions as I start to piece together the why behind how you are feeling and how best to get you back on track.
As part of your individualised health plan, I may recommend supplements, herbal medicine, nutritional/dietary modifications and lifestyle changes.
I may also request further pathology or functional testing be undertaken, so we are testing and not guessing!

Initial consults take 60-75 minutes, cost $160 and are delivered online via Zoom.

Follow Up Consultation


This is where the magic happens.
We see how your body is responding to recommendations, tweak if needed, track your results and celebrate your success. Often we start off in one direction and other things (or goals!) come up along the way, so this is a great chance to address those so you keep up momentum.

Follow Up consults take 30 minutes, cost $90 and are delivered online via Zoom.

Ask me a question!

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