System Sessions

Mapping your business systems for success

System Sessions

Mapping your business systems for success


What exactly is a System Session?!

Together we analyse certain areas of your business (how it’s currently operating and where you want to be) and then strategise the process or the system that will work best for your individual personality, your service offerings, your team roles/dynamics, and your business’ soul.

I call it mapping your biz systems, because we look at where you need to go and create a pathway forward – that just happens to be repeatable and systemised.

Remove that decision fatigue

We deep dive into an area of your business

Across 90 minutes we will pull apart exactly what you are doing, how things could be done more efficiently, what could be automated, what could be outsourced and decide on exactly how this will happen.
Together we curate the perfect system for you to go away and rinse and repeat.

Choose an area from the following:

Mailing list/newsletters
Customer journey
Your daily/weekly/monthly schedule
Launch process (excludes FB ads)

Optional VIP Day upgrade

Time poor and want it all done in a day?

Choose a VIP Day: Systems Intensive instead.
Book me for a whole day and across 5 to 6 hours we work together to completely overhaul and/or fine tune your operations.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You want to create perfectly aligned systems in more than two areas of your business
  • You are time poor and want it all done in a day so you can instantly makeover your biz systems
  • You want more than just guidance, direction and workflows, you also need some training in the tech or a simple platform set-up done and integrated.

One area of your business
+ custom workflows


VIP Day: Systems Intensive


The last 10% of systems and organisation is 80% of productivity and efficiency


What if I don't remember the processes we speak about in the session?

Do not stress! I send a summary after the session with the points we covered PLUS you get custom drawn up workflows and any relevant templates.

I have a VA, can they sit in on the session too?

Of course! This is a great way to have everyone on board with the systems and processes, with the ability to ask questions and get further insights before they’re implemented.

Is the session online?

Yes, all sessions are conducted via Zoom.
For those in the Newcastle (NSW) region, there is an option to meet in-person.

I think I need help in ALL the areas...

Each system session covers one area of your business. If there are more areas you’d like to cover, I suggest booking the VIP Day upgrade.

Will you set up the systems for me?

During our sessions we create the process and the workflow (and you are also sent the workflow templates to keep!) but it does not include setting up any platforms, apps or automation. However after the session is complete, you may purchase additional time to have these set up or a training session.
If you opt for the VIP Day upgrade, some set-up may be included depending on the platform and timing.
Please note – wherever possible I use systems, platforms and apps that you already use or are aware of.

Wondering if it’s for you?

Ask me a question!

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